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Scottish Exhibition News – 2019 Events

Scottish Exhibition News – 2019 EventsScottish Exhibition News – 2019 Events

As you would expect, we have our fingers on the pulse of all Scottish exhibitions and events.

With the busy festive period out of the way, the upcoming events calendars for two major Scottish venues are starting to fill up with amazing shows, events and exhibitions.

What’s On at the Royal Highland Centre

Is there any event venue more impressive than the Royal Highland Centre? Our Scottish promotional teams and models have been key components of success for many clients at various events, including those held at this indoor and outdoor event venue.

The 2019 calendar for the Royal Highland Centre looks as busy as ever. Many of the events are calendar staples, as well as some new events and concerts too.

Come March, we will no doubt be working with leading manufacturers and brands from the world of bikes and superbikes for the Carole Nash MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show.

As well as hundreds of classic bikes on show, there is also the ever-popular Bike Jumble as well as a huge retail area. Our marketing and promotional staff are the perfect people to make the most of this amazing show.

Returning this year to the Royal Highland Centre will be the Gardening Scotland at the end of May as well as the ever popular Royal Highland Show mid-June.

Take a look at what’s on at the Royal Highland Centre.

Events at Scotlands SEC

The Scottish Event Centre is also home to some great events. There is a whole list of concerts and events by some of today’s leading musical artists. From Little Mix to Andre Rieu, if you want culture and fun, take a look at their full schedule of events for 2019!

Alongside concerts and festivals, there are some great exhibitions and conferences. In January 2019, we fully expect teams to be working with Scottish clients at two major events.

Scotland’s Speciality Food Show from the 20th to 22nd January 2019 at SEC is what you expect it to be – an event stuffed full of artisan Scottish food and drink producers showing the world the best of Scottish fare.

It’s a huge trade event with nearly 200 exhibitors and an expected footfall of 1200 visitors. There will be farm shops, delicatessens, cheese producers and more enticing hotels, restaurants, food hall buyers and more with their tempting and delicious produce.

Running at the same time is Scotland’s Trade Fair, an event that promises to attract over 4,000 trade buyers, people the 550 exhibitors will be keen to impress. From homeware to giftware, fashion, accessories, crafts and more, it promises to be both a busy and potentially lucrative event for Scotland’s traders and buyers.

Get the full details of what’s on at the SEC.

Maximise opportunities to drive your brand forward

If you are exhibiting at any of these Scottish events, you will want to come away from the show with a full order book, plenty of leads and new customers.

Hiring exhibition staff from a leading promotional agency in Scotland is key to success. So why not give us a call about hiring sampling staff, demonstrators, promotional staff, flyering teams and more?

For more information on the shows mentioned above, take a look:

Scottish Motorcycle Show –

Scotland’s Speciality Food Show (trade event) –

Scotland’s Trade fair (trade event) –


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Getting into the Festive Spirit – Edinburgh Christmas Markets

hire temporary staff for the edinburgh Christmas marketsGetting into the Festive Spirit – Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Gently twinkling lights, a beautiful tree and a thronging Christmas market – is there any better way to mark the build-up of the festive season? The beautiful city of Edinburgh is the perfect backdrop with its castle on the hill and busy high street.

Visitors and tourists, as well as plenty of locals, flock to the Christmas events but what can we expect in the coming weeks?

Christmas Market East Princes Street Gardens

The market begins trading at 10 am on 17th November and will be open on most days until 10 pm. You can enjoy the atmosphere as well as the bespoke and traditional Christmas gifts on offer right up to Christmas Eve. You can also enjoy them after the main day itself and into the New Year before the celebrations of Hogmanay start.

There is something beautiful about this market right in the centre of the city. Offering a unique shopping experience, there is also plenty of food and drink to sample too. It’s fair to say that there is something for everybody here and deserves more than one visit.

Johnnie Walker Bothy Bar

Like the Christmas Market, the bar runs from 17th November to 5th January and is the ideal chance to immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Scottish whisky (and other drinks, of course).

There is everything you could possibly imagine but tasty cocktails to warming toddies that keep the winter cold at bay. Johnnie Walker is a well-known, established iconic Scottish brand so it’s no surprise that this brand lends its name to the festive bothy bar.

Bringing flavours from across Scotland, when you want to soak up the romance of the festive atmosphere of this beautiful city at Christmas and Hogmanay, this is the place to do it.

Baby Love’s Disco Christmas Cheer

Have you been introduced to the world of day clubbing for toddlers? If not then you need to dress in your disco gear and head on down to Festival Square with your babies, toddlers and kids.

Running from 9th to 23rd December, check out the opening times. It runs for around two hours and is fast becoming a tradition in Edinburgh’s calendar of festive events. Its been running for a decade and shows no signs of becoming any less popular.

PS You get 20% off the price of the tickets with an EH postcode too!

The Christmas Tree Maze

Perfect for small and big kids alike, allow yourself to get lost in the Christmas tree maze and discover all kinds of delights on your journey. Meet up with the elves in Santa’s workshop and enjoy the treat they have in store for you.

You need to buy tickets – they are date specific – but you can wander in any time on your allotted day. But it is a first come, first served event and so if you fancy wandering through the maze, book your tickets now.

Is there a better way to enjoy the magical festive period than a Christmas market and a festive event?

Hire temporary staff to help you at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets

We provide event staff all year round, Christmas markets and festive events included. To get a quote, give the team a call on 0844 800 0071 and to find out more about Promotional Models Scotland and the event services we offer.


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10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff

10 pitfalls to avoid when hiring event staff10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff

There is no denying that the success of any event relies on the interaction between the event staff and the attendees.

With brands increasingly turning to professional promotional staffing agencies, you would think that this is the fail-safe option for a successful event. It can be if the promotional staffing agency has a clear idea of the people you need and the skills you want.

Thus, many clients fail to get the right people for the job. Here’s how to avoid the most common pitfalls of hiring event staff;

#1 Not understanding objectives and event goals

You have decided to exhibit at the event or trade show for a reason… or have you? For a
promotional staffing agency to understand what staff you need and with what skills, they need to understand your objectives.

#2 Keeping information back

It is amazing what clients don’t tell us about an event or a trade show until during or after the event! If there is something about the trade show or event we and our staff need to know, just tell us. Nothing is too weird or wacky or ‘out there’ request for us.

#3 Not sticking with your brand

A brand is everything about your business that speaks to customers. From your logo to colours you use in your packaging and uniforms, to the customer service you offer, every event you attend and every member of staff working your stand or booth needs to ‘fit’ with this brand. Again, we need to know what this is so our promotional staff can promote your brand in the way you want.

#4 Not consulting your event team

If you have an event team, they will have a more acute awareness of what skills are needed. For example, it may be that you need a sales team or someone who can prospect and qualify leads so your own event team are the people who close the sales. Listen to your event team!

#5 Not getting to know event staff

Halfway through the list and we come to the pitfall of hiring staff blind. It may work but do you want to take that chance? At Envisage, we handpick a team of potential promotional staff but you make the final decision. We can arrange for you to interview staff, via phone, Skype or face-to-face, if this is something you would like to do.

#6 Not asking for an up-to-date event experience resume

If you don’t have the time nor the plans to interview potential promotional staff, at least peruse their latest resume with an up to date list of events, trade shows, conferences and other promotional work they have done.

#7 Going for the cheapest quote

You get what you pay for. And if you are not paying much, you are not going to get much back.

#8 Not being organised beforehand

The team of promotional event staff that you hire can only do so much if they are giving limited information or limited time to get to your company, your brand, product or services. Get organised and give your hired team of professionals chance to polish their knowledge.

#9 Hiring based on appearances

You need the right skill set and although beauty is attractive, if there is no substance the outcomes are not going to be what you want.

#10 Delaying your decision

Promotional staffing agencies are busy places and the best people are often in demand. By delaying your decision, you may find your dream team is no longer available…

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

the edinburgh fringeThe Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Promoting Creative Freedom

August in Edinburgh is a special time, especially for those who make the journey to the city to be part of the spectacle that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Billing itself as the “single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet”, last year the 25-day festival featured 53,232 performances of nearly 3,400 shows in 300 venues.

1947, the start of what we know as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The International Edinburgh Festival was held in the city just after the way and eight local theatre companies decided to take advantage of the thronging crowds by giving performances in smaller venues.

One of these theatre companies performed a version of the play Everyman, a play that mentions ‘the fringe’ several times hence say fans why the festival is known as The Fringe, at Dunfermline Abbey, 20 miles north of the city.

Not recognised as the first Edinburgh Fringe until some years later, this inaugural event gave rise to traditions that remain true today – the lack of invitation to perform and the use of unlikely venues.


Bigger than ever, but still as vibrant, the Edinburgh Fringe festival still retains its principle of it not being an invite-only performance festival.

Backed by its organising body, the festival offers year-round advice to performers who wish to bring their creative expression to the festival.

Hence, people who have never performed in public before can share a stage with some of our best-known performers.

But if you think this sounds like a recipe for chaos, you’d be wrong! The festival organising committee is responsible for putting together a programme, a mammoth task considering the number of people performing, the varied talent and performances on offer, as well as the many, many venues used throughout the three-week festival.

Morphed, grown and responded

As a festival, the Fringe must surely be the only real example of a festival that has truly morphed, changed and responded to changes in society.

For example, although it is an open access festival, top shows are still only £10 a seat although most are between £5 and £7. However, there is a mixture of shows and performances, some of which are completely free and others are donations after the show has finished.

But it is a festival that has, from time to time, courted controversy. Performances are uncensored thus, you never really know what will happen until you get there.

There have been problems when performers have contravened what some see as common decency, or when sexuality or religious topics have been discussed in a way that some found offensive.

But that said, whilst the festival has never gone out of its way to be controversial, it insists that creative freedoms and open access remain its mantras.

How Promotional Models Scotland can help?

This year, the festival runs from 3rd to 27th August and with a full list of shows already released, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 promises to be an amazing event, as always!

Promotional Models Scotland is proud to support performers and exhibitors at the Edinburgh Fringe, why not give us a call on 0844 800 0071 to find out more?


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What is the SEC, Glasgow?

SEC GlasgowWhat is the SEC, Glasgow?

The SEC is the Scottish Event Campus, in Glasgow which is home to some of the United Kingdom’s biggest exhibitions. It has a potential of seating over 5 million. This is a huge platform for your business to get the recognition it needs, so make sure you’ve got the right staff there to bring in that footfall.

Located in Scotland’s second largest city, Glasgow, makes the exhibition centre accessible to a wide range of potential clients and business. Trade shows at this venue frequently target over 340,000 Scottish businesses. SEC hosts over 50 events a year from exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

What staff do we provide at the SEC?

Promotional Models Scotland cannot just only you provide you with professional, experienced and attractive models, but also brand ambassadors, Flyering staff, event staff and much more. With Promotional Models Scotland we can provide you with the staff that you need, without worry. We deal with staffing every day and know exactly what is right for your event.

Events that we could help you with this year!

Need a caddy for this year’s Scottish Golf Show?

23rd – 25th March

We can help you get the right staff you need for the Scottish Golf Show. Do you need fun and enthusiastic staff? Have you got new and exciting products that need promoting? There are a range of fun activities available at the golf show and you may need just as exciting staff members to get your stand the same attention.

Do you need staff for the Scottish Hair & Beauty event?canva

22nd – 23rd April

Every year the SEC holds the Scottish hair and beauty show were professionals throughout Scotland attend to launch new and latest products in the beauty industry from hair, tanning and nails. You can have the opportunity in promoting your products. Get the right staff to help you do this.

Need a model to use your product on? Need a brand ambassador to promote your product? Need Flyering staff to get footfall to your stand? Professional models Scotland have got you covered.

Why should I use an agency?

Why use an agency to get staff? What makes Promotional Models Scotland the best agency to use? What can we offer that other companies can’t?

Getting your promotional staff from Promotional Models Scotland not only saves you the trouble of searching, briefing and selecting staff members but gives you the time to work on the more important bits. Do you have too much to do for the event? We will happily get involved and take the pressure off you. We are confident that we can provide you with the best local staff for your exhibition.

At Promotional Models Scotland we want you to know exactly what you’re paying for:

  • Nationwide full UK event coverage
  • Experienced promotional staff
  • Staff fully briefed about your company and event
  • Efficient staff
  • Insurance
  • Access to 24/7 back up service 

At Promotional Models Scotland we have access to over 12,000 experienced, professional and loyal staff members that could be well suited for your event. Give us a call and let us know about your event and what staff you require!

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Carry on Caravanning at the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Show

promo staff Scottish caravan showCarry on Caravanning at the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Show

Get even more from the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Show in February 2018 by hiring professional promotional staff from Promotional Models Scotland.

From 8th to 11th February 2018m, the Scottish Event campus (SEC) will be full of life as caravan, motorhome and holiday brands bring their products and services to the thousands of customers who enjoy motorhomes and caravanning.

As a business, you know how important it is to make the most of every hour that the show is open to the public.

But it’s tough standing out, which is why professional promotional staff are worth the added expense. But here’s the thing: the return on investment of hiring promotional staff for your stand are many and varied.

#1 Get MORE from the Show

A busy show – it has attracted 25,000 visitors in the past – it is growing in popularity year on year. This is why the exhibitor list just keeps on growing too. From caravan manufacturers to small-scale producers of related accessories and products, this year there will be marine manufacturers attending too.

This diverse audience is great news for your business but unless you have the energy, will you really tap into its full potential? Our promotional staff are trained but also fully briefed on how to make the show a success, not for them, but for YOU.

#2 Professionalism

We talk a lot about professionalism simply because it is one of the most important factors, as far we are concerned.

You have a brand, something that you have worked hard to create, develop and sustain. You need your customers, current and potential ones, to really see what you offer. And this means that no matter who is fronting your stand, whether that is welcoming visitors or sales staff, they need to carry your brand for you.

And that means people who turn up on time, look the part and work hard and smart for the duration that they are with you.

#3 Versatile

Our promotional staff are experienced and versatile, meaning that you can hire the staff with the expertise that you really need.

Use staff to generate leads for you

Many brands use the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Show as a means of generating leads. In other words, expanding their database of potential customer contacts. If that is your goal for this exciting show, then our staff will make that happen.

Or, you may want;
•Demonstrators – new products are all well and good but sometimes, demonstrating them is the most effective way of achieveing higher sales.
•Product launches – with such a ready audience, it makes sense to launch a new product in front of thousands of people. Again, our promotional staff can be the driving force that attracts attention to your product and brands.
•Sales – we also have sales promotional staff who have the training, experience and ability to create more sales for you.
•Meet and greet – there are also times when you need promotional staff to ‘do the small talk’, make connections and create interest in your stand so that you can work your magic.

* This is by no means an exhaustive list of the abilities of our staff. If you another idea or need help to bring it to life, just call us!

You can also hire admin staff, the people who ensure that everything about your stand remains in tip-top condition.

Hire the Best – Hire Promotional Models Scotland

For a tailored and competitive quote to hire promotional staff or exhibition staff the Scottish Caravan Show contact the admin team at Promotional Models Scotland now by completing the form below or call us on 0844 800 0071.

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Taste Success at Scotland’s Trade Fair & Speciality Food Show 2018

sampling staff food show GlasgowTaste Success at Scotland’s Trade Fair & Speciality Food Show 2018

A trade fair is an ideal opportunity to meet new customers. It can also be the perfect launching pad for a new product, as well as an opportunity to show buyers what it is you sell and how you create it.

Scotland’s Trade Fair and Speciality Food Show is a premium event, a chance for food producers to meet with new trade customers. It is a busy, thriving show, perfect for showcasing new products or services tailored to the food and catering industry.

At the SEC Glasgow from 21 to 23 January 2018, you could meet a new trade partner or two, or even come across other suppliers who could improve an aspect of your product or business.

But as much as they are busy places unless you have a strategy and are prepared for this busy food fair and show, you could miss out on the many opportunities that it offers.

promotions sampling staff SEC GlasgowHire a Promotional Team

It may sound expensive but, with a high return on investment, the difference our trained, professional promotion and exhibition staff could make is off the scale.

But to get the right people and service, there are some basics that you need to work through;
#1 Goals & Objectives
Why are you investing in a stand at Scotland’s premier food show? Is it to launch a new product or to tap into an as yet undiscovered market? Are you looking to gather opinions and feedback or are you here to place your business firmly on the map?
Whatever your goals, by understanding them we can ensure that we select the right people from our growing database of professional exhibition staff.
#2 Activities & Tasks
Our staff will attend your stand, fully expecting to be part of something big. They will be briefed about your brand, your product or service, what needs to happen and the part they will be playing for the day or across the four days.
#3 Tailored
We offer our services tailored to what you need. For example, you may be launching a product and want sampling staff, or you may decide you want a professional presence on your exhibition stand for the entirety of the show. At Promotional Models Scotland, we can offer all this… and more!
#4 Specific
We offer a range of specific activities too. As well as sampling staff, our promotional teams can;

  • Create more footfall to your stall or stand
  • Hand out contact details or welcome packs
  • Engage potential customers by being informative and knowledgeable about your company, products or services
  • Acts s sales staff for key products and service, delivering a sales message with the right brand voice
  • Promote a product through handing out leaflets and so on
  • Administer your stand, keeping it looking tidy and professional throughout the time that they are there

Make a Statement with Professional Promotional Staff

For a tailored quotation for sampling, sales or exhibition staff, call our team on 0844 800 0071 or complete the form below!

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SECC Hobby Crafts Show 2017

Hobby Craft Show Glasgow, ScotlandSECC Hobby Crafts Show 2017 

What is the Scottish Hobby Crafts Show?

It is a show where people who are into arts and crafts come to learn more and share their techniques with others. There are shows to help the new founders of this hobby learn more.

When and where is the event?

Hobby Crafts starts on the second of March and follows through until the fifth of March. The spectacular event opens at 10:00 in the morning every day of the event and the event closes at 5:00 in the evening except from Sunday which it ends at 4:30. The event is at the SECC in Glasgow just outside of the city centre.

How much are the tickets?

The tickets vary depending on your age. Adult tickets cost £8.50. Seniors tickets cost £7.50 and children under 16 their tickets are free of charge. You can save £2 on your ticket if you book in advance!

What else is happening at the SECC?

Much more goes on as well as the Scottish Hobby Crafts event. There is also a Quilting Show and the Stitching and Sewing Show which are on at the same time.

What stalls are there at the event?

There are various different stalls where you can learn stitching, knitting, dress making, paper craft & card making, jewellery making, beading and you can buy lots of art supplies so you can try out your tips and maybe next year you could be the person teaching and inspiring people into becoming like you. You can also make silver clay with the unique Tracey Spurgin and you could learn some tips so you can make your own at home! Are you interested in the art of glass? Then maybe you could make some, you need no experience but by the end of the process you would have made your very own glass sun katcher. There are also stalls for kids, they can be shown glitter magic and then they could use it to put on cards for relatives.

Do you need to hire staff to work for you at the Hobby Crafts Show?

We have lots of experienced temporary exhibition staff and promotional staff available to work for you at this fantastic Scottish Show!

Rewind Festival 2017

festival staff Rewind fesitval ScotlandRewind Festival 2017

Have you ever thought about visiting the Rewind Festival 2017 in Scotland this year? It’s a well known event that is labelled as the 80s Festival and its being held at Scone Palace, Perth, from July 21st to July 23rd.

Tickets for the Scottish Rewind Festival 2017 are now on sale online! If you would rather buy them in person you can go to Perth Concert Hall, Mill Street, PH1 5HZ and at a place called ‘Rewind Scotland tickets’, you can purchase tickets face to face and save some money on tickets rather than paying the booking fee when you order online.

This year at the Rewind Festival some incredible events are being hosted, such as a tribute act to both Prince and to David Bowie, Pat Sharp’s school disco (only on the Friday night welcome party), the lotus eaters, an inflatable church, and their special pop up band the Pokey hats. The pokey hats consist of ‘a bunch of guys with drums, pipes and an off the wall sense of humour.’

The Rewind Festival also always hosts a silent disco. The Silent disco provides everybody with a pair of headphones each and they have two DJs that are spinning tunes on two separate channels meaning that you can switch from channel to channel and listen to the music you want to!

Do you need any Festival Staff for the Rewind Festival?

Have you hired any festival or promotional staff before? If not then don’t worry because we can help. If you would like experienced staff to help you out with activities or assist you at running events at the Rewind Festival then contact us today by filling in your requirements below and receive a free quote from us. We will also let you know what else can do to help make your experience at the 2017 Rewind Festival even more enjoyable!

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What’s on at the SECC October & November 2016?

secc-exhibition-staffWhat’s on at the SECC October & November 2016?

As always the SECC has a fantastic line up for October & November, two of the events that we are getting excited for are The Good Food Show & The Scottish Wedding Show.

The Scottish Wedding Show

This October the bells will be ringing in the SECC, take a walk down through the doors and you will be welcomed with an overwhelming amount of exhibitors all wanting to contribute their services or products to wedding planners or inspire recently engaged couples. On first entry to the event, the first thought that usually comes into the mind of a visitor is ‘how am I going to get around all of this in one day! I don’t want to miss something that could potentially make my day super amazing!’ This means that your stand needs to catch the attention of passers-by, you need people that can draw potential clients into your exhibition area and be able to communicate with them well. We have the staff to get this done, we know the exact personality requirements that someone needs to generate an increased footfall to your promotional space and produce the results that you are looking for.

The Good Food Show @ The SECC

If your target audience is palpable flavour explorers on the hunt for fine food and drink then setting up shop at The Good Food Show is a must. Crowds are expected to reach numbers of 19,000 over the course of the 3 day food extravaganza, that’s a lot of taste buds to tease! One of the best ways for the customer to understand your product is to actually experience it first-hand, sampling can seem pretty straight forward but we can assure you that it’s not just about throwing a sausage (or whatever your product may be) in a pie hole. Sampling staff that can converse with the customer and provide them with knowledge about your product will provide a much better brand experience than someone just holding out a tray.

If you need some extra hands at the above events, or any events in Scotland for that matter! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and our helpful team will provide you with a quotation.