How can Professional, Promotional staff make a difference?

How can Professional, Promotional staff make a difference?

Many companies think that all professional promotional staff can do is hand out samples and leaflets. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Hiring promotional staff can bring a tremendous impetus to your exhibition stand, show or event. These are people who are professionally trained, extremely knowledgeable with a wealth of experience spanning a variety of sectors who really know how to create a fantastic brand image.

Take a close look at how they can make a difference and then contact us immediately to hire the best people in the industry.

Before the event

Our professional promotional staff can help with all the preparation work of setting up a stand, putting signage in place, organising the presentation of merchandise and literature. Remember that giveaway bags and samples need to be prepared in advance so as to save time on the day. Don’t forget too that all computers and interactive hardware need to be set up in advance and checked out to make sure there are no glitches. Our staff are well trained in these tasks, possessing appropriate qualifications in health and safety, food preparation – so they can even take over the essential task of providing basic hospitality.

Data Capture

Simply attracting people to your stand is not enough. You need to capture their contact details, especially if they are potentially serious customers. Our promotional staff are able to do this quickly and efficiently, making sure that no lead is missed.

First impressions count

First impressions count when it comes to exhibitions. Leaving visitors standing around, wondering who to approach or where to get information is guaranteed to ensure they go elsewhere. Our promotional staff make sure this doesn’t happen. Everyone is met and greeted and made to feel welcome. All queries are answered. No opportunity to promote your brand and services is missed.

We can even provide staff with knowledge of other languages, if you are trying to attract overseas customers. Even if they are not fluent, our skilled staff will know enough of a language to conduct a basic conversation and deal with most queries. It leaves a great impression – and is good for sales!

Planning events across more than one location?

Are you planning to take guests from your stand to a meal elsewhere? Or perhaps take them to a separate room for a specific presentation? This is where our staff can help. By acting as tour leaders, they can quickly and efficiently channel visitors from one place to another making sure no one gets lost along the way.

Post event

Promotional work doesn’t end the moment the show ends. Our promotional staff can play an important role in helping cope with post event details such as collecting feedback, distributing final event literature. They can make sure visitors leave by the appropriate exit, and always say a friendly goodbye. Last but not least, our staff will tidy up the stand or conference area making sure that everything is neat and tidy.


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