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Scottish Social Media Influencers

Social media influences are a unique way to engage with your customers directly through a trusted source. Its estimated that in the US, every $1 spent generates $6 revenue when an influencer promotes a product that they have a genuine interest in. The Promotional Models Scotland team have pool of influencers ranging from 1k to 30k followers with key interests ranging from travel & food to financial tools.

Why Promotional Models Scotland?

• You can decide the message and monitor the results yourself.
• No fixed contracts. As often as you need us.
• We have over 300 micro-influencers currently on our books, ranging from 1k+ followers to 30k+.
• The influencers cover Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook
• You can tie this in with a promotional staff brief and get a more integrated campaign.

We have a large but number of influencers on our books, our skill is to pair you with the perfect match for your event to ensure that they specialise in particular subjects to maximise your return on investment.

What we can offer you…

• Authenticity

Customers want to connect with people. If they believe in the person and they are genuinely interested in your product it will set better than any guarantee will be able to for you.

• Targeted marketing

Working with influencers that have a clear connection to your product, services or events will yield better results. Our team will only pair inflkuencers thaty have connections to your target market.

• Affordable

The versatility of social media influencer marketing means that you can work with an influencer to publish one post or work on a project for the longer term. Either way, this is an affordable marketing tool.

Hire social media influencers with us!

Call our team on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below for more information!

Prices start from £97 per post, dependant on post frequency, influencer, follower rate and length of the project. You can hire an influencers for longer-term projects too.


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