In-Store Demonstrators

sampling staff scotlandIn-Store Demonstrators Scotland

We are proud to say that we can provide you the finest in, in-store-demonstrations help to enhance the sales of your business and product. Remember that getting your customers to the store is only half the battle, you also have to get them to shop. People are more willing to buy it if they can try it first. Our demonstrators are experienced and very sales savvy. You’ll find them to be an effective tool in familiarising your customers with your inventory, and highly reliable too. We provide some for some of the highest end stores and major supermarkets and shopping centres as well. We help to build your brand from the ground up.

Our demonstrators are local too, which will save you time and hassle as well as money.

Cosmetic and Perfume Demonstrators

Our demonstrators are meticulous and efficient when carrying out their duties, and it shows with many of the brands they’ve promote. We’ve worked major retail stores as well as supermarkets and shopping centres across Scotland and the UK.

Our staff have experience in providing samples of perfume and cosmetics. They know about the products, how to apply them, and how to use them. They will be helpful to your customers as well, leaving a good impression along with making a sale.

Supermarket Demonstrators

Our teams consist of professionals of both genders and all types, all are professional and friendly, and always ready to engage with your customers as well as promote your brand. We can provide a single person or large teams of staff. Their product demonstrations are impeccable and the results show it.

You can call us today for a quote, or you can discuss what you’re looking for in a demonstrator and we can help you get started if you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling.