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hire a group of people in GlasgowHire Crowds for PR Stunts and More in Scotland!

Worried your venue is too big and attendance will look too sparse? Or do you want a group of people as part of a PR stunt? Maybe you need people to act as extras for a TV, film or training film production?

Hiring a crowd is something many companies, brands, PR companies, retailers and production companies do – and the difference it makes is astounding!

Hire a Crowd in Glasgow or Edinburgh

At Promotional Models Scotland, we offer a range of services, one of which is ever-popular hire a crowd service.

Supplying groups of people for any kind of event is something we have been successfully doing for nearly a decade. From extras to ‘anonymous’ crowds, we have worked (and continue to work with) some of the biggest names and brands across all industries.

However, we are aware that hiring a group of people may not be something you want to advertise so that’s why we offer a discreet, professional hire a crowd service in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh.

hire a crowd of people in EdinburghWhy Hire a Crowd?

Businesses hire groups and crowds for all kinds of reasons, from people queuing outside their soon-to-be-opened store to restaurants, events, festivals, filling seats at conferences, performances and more.

We have provided crowds and groups for private events too, from helping a groom to propose to his finance, to spontaneous singing at a celebration or birthday party.

We have over 10,000 performers on our database and can cater for all demographics. So if you want a group of 20 somethings, we have them, or a mixed crowd, a group of all boys or girls, or a crowd of older people – we have them too!

A Cost-Effective Solution with BIG Returns

Hiring a crowd can bring more trade through your doors whether it is a shop, restaurant, festival or another kind of event.

At Promotional Models Scotland, we are all about the best service for the best price. With thousands of performers registered with us local to Glasgow and Edinburgh, your budget can be spent on people, not travel expenses.

And, included in every quotation, is insurance too, so your event is not only successful but our professionals are covered for all eventualities.

Everything is Possible

No idea is too quirky or wacky for us to consider and, knowing our talented performers, actors and extras, we will have a crowd of people that you need for your event.

From special birthdays to romantic proposals, from publicity stunts to flash mobs, to themed events and productions, we are the go-to hire a crowd agency with the best people.

To find out more and to get a free, no-obligation for hiring a crowd for your Glasgow or Edinburgh event, call us on 0844 800 0071 or complete the contact form below. Let’s talk!

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