With the cost of living increasing temporary work could be an option

With the cost of living increasing temporary work could be an option

With prices inexorably rising, alongside higher energy bills, more and more people are becoming worried about stretching existing incomes to pay for even basic expenses. With dark winter nights requiring greater energy usage and Christmas expenses on the horizon, trying to cope financially is a serious problem.

Seeking additional temporary work is an option that is worth considering. A few hours extra each week, can make all the difference when it comes to finding money for living expenses. It can also bring in extra money to cover sudden expenses, or act as a way of providing useful cash to put aside for paying bills.

An added advantage is the fact that taking on extra work can also lead to new opportunities. You can learn new skills, find new interests and discover unexpected career opportunities.

Ever thought of becoming an extra in a film?

Britain has a very vibrant film industry, and there is a constant demand for extras willing to participate in crowd scenes. Then there are the numerous promotional films created by companies for advertising purposes or to highlight new services. All too frequently, these films require ordinary people to appear in the background.

Product launches often require people to hand out samples in store, encouraging consumers to try something new. This may only involve a few hours work. Exhibitions too require lots of additional staff as demonstrators, people who can meet and greet visitors, hospitality staff, set up and take down stands. Promotional staff are always in demand at venues nationwide.

Just think too of the numbers of car park attendants and stewards needed at special events such as the various winter Lumieres, concerts, Christmas festivals and fayres. Organising vehicles going in and out of the car parks, especially when it is dark, can be a crucial task as it can involve dealing with hundreds of vehicles over a few hours. If it is not organised properly, all kinds of access problems can occur.

Fancy being Santa Claus?

Just think back to last Christmas when there was a shortage of Santa’s in some areas. Demand for people who can take on the role of Santa Claus is always high. Santa’s are not just needed in store, but also at charity events, steam train rides, special promotions, even visiting homes and business events. Then there are his helpers – the elves and Mrs Claus. Many bookings for Santa Claus often require extra people to take on the such roles in order to manage queues.

Clearly there are a lot of opportunities for versatile people, willing to work a few extra hours.

Work out what hours you can spare for some additional work. It may be a few hours at the weekend or in the evening. Some people may have time during weekdays such as retired people, or when working shifts.

Students looking for extra cash can gain valuable work experience in many different sectors by taking on additional casual, or semi-regular work.

Experience is not always essential for people willing to work as marshals, car parking attendants, extras on film productions, product demonstrators and event staff. This type of work can involve anything from a few hours to a day or more.

Take a look at the Envisage website and see just what is on offer. You will need to fill in our form in order to join the database. We are happy to talk you through the opportunities to identify what type of jobs would suit you. Just get in touch now and see how we can work together.


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