Why is product testing important?

Why is product testing important?

Developing new products can be enthralling, seeing an idea come to fruition. But it is not enough to simply be offering something new. You have to actually make sure that people want it and need it!

Launching something new is not enough to guarantee success. Most new products disappear fast within months of being introduced into the market. Quite apart from the problems of making sure it has a real purpose in the marketplace, there are issues of sales & marketing to be considered as well as quality control. On top of that are the unexpected hazards, the problems beyond anyone’s control. Just think of all those products being launched in March 2020 – their chances of success were immediately scuppered due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns changed worldwide trading patterns literally overnight.

Reducing those odds, and pushing them in your favour is essential. It can be done but you do need to plan ahead.

You might think your product is perfect and that it fills a hitherto unfilled niche. But does it? It is all too easy to look at a new product through rose-filled glasses. Obtaining unbiased, independent views from a wide range of potential users can make a dramatic difference.

Hire some product testers – the more the better

Product testers take on one of the least known roles within manufacturing, sales and marketing business strategies. They will take your product and test it thoroughly. For example, we have been requested to test out new ranges of trainers – and our testers have done so with great gusto wearing them in all types of environments as well as playing sports. It is not just footwear that has been subjected to such detailed testing – we have tested cosmetics, clothes, food, confectionery, beverages, services of all kinds. We have even explored the intricacies of online ordering systems. Having undertaken these detailed tests, our product testers submit totally independent reviews.

Sometimes those reviews can make unpleasant reading. No one likes to discover that their beloved product is poor quality, tastes horrible, is unusable. But receiving such news can prevent you from making a costly mistake. Discovering there are such problems means you have time to make changes, improve quality, packaging and develop a product that people actually want. Result – a product that stands a good chance of survival.

When the product is finally launched, companies can concentrate on growing sales rather than fighting rear-guard actions.

Talk to us now about how our product testers can help your business

Why not talk to us about our product testing panels? We can provide the answers you need to make your launch a success. With a database of over 30,000 people nationwide, we can provide suitable testers in any locality, matching all requirements for gender, age, size, geography, interests.

We can help with:

• Product testing
• Website testing
• Surveys
• Pricing research
• Market research
• Brand research
• Usability Feedback


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