Easter Marketing Campaigns

Easter Marketing Campaigns

Easter is not just a time for promoting chocolate – with a bit of ingenuity, you can promote almost anything and give it an Easter twist. We take a look at some of the most entertaining Easter marketing promotions over the past few years.

Cadbury’s Creme eggs

Cadbury’s always come up with great ideas. Easter wouldn’t be Easter without creme eggs. Recent Easter promotions have included variations on Easter Egg hunts and how not to eat the eggs. In 2022, Cadbury’s created a special limited edition of half white and half milk chocolate creme eggs. If found, there was the chance to win £10,000 – but only if the finder managed to resist eating it.

Two short films were made showing customers trying not to eat the rare eggs – but viewers were left in the dark as to whether the eggs survived or not.

The resulting campaign captured consumer and media attention, with its promotional Instagram video enjoying over 32,000 views.

Equally attention grabbing were the Golden Goobilee celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the creation of Creme Eggs. It highlighted all the different ways that people have enjoyed the eggs – licking, dipping, baking, sharing encouraging as many people as possible to become directly involved in the birthday celebrations.

Walkers Savoury Easter Egg

Walkers Crisps are not a product most people would immediately associate with Easter, but it succeeded in arousing Easter attention with an innovative Savoury promotion. The company launched a Sensations Easter ‘Egg’ gift box which instead of a chocolate delight, contained Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, a bamboo sharing bowl, bottle of Malbec, two wine glasses and an Amazon Prime Video voucher. Quite simply, everything you needed for a lovely night in.

Deliveroo Dragon Eggs

The finale of Game of Thrones was irresistible for countless viewers at Easter 2019 – so Deliveroo cleverly linked into the hype with a range of limited edition Game of Thrones dragon eggs. Marked on the outside to look like dragon scales, these eggs proved extremely popular creating not just high sales, but massive publicity nationwide.

Carlsberg chocolate bars

Drinking a glass of Carlsberg took on a new meaning when Easter 2016 saw a lifesize, edible three metre deep pop up bar opening up in Shoreditch, London. This simple, eye-catching and extremely effective promotion went viral, especially since drinkers could enjoy their Carlsberg in a chocolate glass.

If you want to create your own Easter marketing promotion we can help

We can hire actors to hand out samples of your products dressed up as Easter Bunnies or hire sales staff to hand out Easter items whilst discussing your products. There is so much you can do.

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