Hire Mystery Shoppers in Scotland

Hire Mystery Shoppers in Scotland

Searching for mystery shoppers to test out your services or products? Look no further. With over 30,000 mystery shoppers on the Envisage database we can provide the perfect match for any customer profile you require.

Whatever you need, we can provide it. Our mystery shoppers can deal with online shopping, over the phone or face to face in retail stores.

Reports and feedback are provided in any format you require. Envisage is a very flexible organisation and we know just how important it is to get the information you require in the right format. Our aim is to make information gathering as easy as possible.

Top tips for mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is very successful – all types of companies use it. More than 50,000 mystery shopping sessions take place within the UK every month.

What to know how your competitors compare? Mystery shoppers are frequently assigned to monitor one or two competitors during a specific trading period. They provide essential feedback reporting both negative and positive experiences.

Check out your own customer service operation. Poor customer service impacts on your business. Negative reports can be devastating. Mystery Shoppers can quietly check out service levels and see how they match your required standards.

What can Mystery shoppers do to help your market research?

The answer is simple – everything! Take a look at some of the tasks we have undertaken:

• Monitoring customer service on exhibition stands
• Checking out competitors
• Providing temporary office workers to check out if company mission statements were being followed
• Visiting restaurants and retail outlets and reporting back on their experiences
• Testing cosmetics and other products
• Testing different buying processes to identify which were the most successful

Our mystery shoppers can deal with all kinds of products and services. We had a record company contact us and ask for mystery shoppers to check out buying processes across various music sites. The results enabled them to identify which site was perfect for their business and thus promote that service.

Whatever your industry or service, we can certainly help you.

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