How to make your business stand out at food trade shows

How to make your business stand out at food trade shows

Trying to make your next trade show a stand out event? Offering food & drink is always a good way to attract people to your stand. All you need is some suitable products and some friendly staff, to make sure no one is missed.

Offering company branded alcoholic drinks is always welcome but bear in mind that not everyone can drink alcohol. Offer a variety of interesting non-alcoholic drinks too. How about mocktails instead of cocktails? The unusual combinations make a good conversation starter. You can use experienced sampling staff or brand ambassadors for a reputable staffing agency.

Customise some biscuits or cupcakes using themed packaging, or even creative ingredient combinations. Be creative and colourful – it helps to attract attention.

Chocolates and confectionery are irresistible to virtually everyone! Have some sample produce available, and pre-wrapped versions ready to take away. Make sure your logo and brand name is prominently displayed on every item to ensure consumers remember who provided them.

Lucious and succulent, squares of chocolaty brownies are hard to resist. Even the sight of left over crumbs in the container make passers lick their lips with anticipation.

Jammy doughnuts can be a bit messy when you are at an exhibition, but pretty iced or covered doughnuts are often more acceptable. There are lots of flavour combinations that can be used to attract attention such as sprinkling with tiny sweets or dipping in melted chocolate. Putting them in little cake cases makes them easier to hold and eat without making a mess.

Offering a handful of popcorn, especially if it has some unusual flavourings, encourages people to stop and chat at your stand. People like to try new things, and experimenting with flavours and ingredients is very much in vogue at the moment. You can even create small sample packages bearing your company logo and brand name for visitors to take away and try later.

Holding a meeting on your stand?

Bear in mind that exhibition halls can get very warm so offering participants some bottled water is always welcome.

For longer meetings, have some fruit available too. A healthy option, it also adds a touch of much need liquid. Offer a variety so that people can choose what they prefer.


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