What’s on at the SECC October & November 2016?

secc-exhibition-staffWhat’s on at the SECC October & November 2016?

As always the SECC has a fantastic line up for October & November, two of the events that we are getting excited for are The Good Food Show & The Scottish Wedding Show.

The Scottish Wedding Show

This October the bells will be ringing in the SECC, take a walk down through the doors and you will be welcomed with an overwhelming amount of exhibitors all wanting to contribute their services or products to wedding planners or inspire recently engaged couples. On first entry to the event, the first thought that usually comes into the mind of a visitor is ‘how am I going to get around all of this in one day! I don’t want to miss something that could potentially make my day super amazing!’ This means that your stand needs to catch the attention of passers-by, you need people that can draw potential clients into your exhibition area and be able to communicate with them well. We have the staff to get this done, we know the exact personality requirements that someone needs to generate an increased footfall to your promotional space and produce the results that you are looking for.

The Good Food Show @ The SECC

If your target audience is palpable flavour explorers on the hunt for fine food and drink then setting up shop at The Good Food Show is a must. Crowds are expected to reach numbers of 19,000 over the course of the 3 day food extravaganza, that’s a lot of taste buds to tease! One of the best ways for the customer to understand your product is to actually experience it first-hand, sampling can seem pretty straight forward but we can assure you that it’s not just about throwing a sausage (or whatever your product may be) in a pie hole. Sampling staff that can converse with the customer and provide them with knowledge about your product will provide a much better brand experience than someone just holding out a tray.

If you need some extra hands at the above events, or any events in Scotland for that matter! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and our helpful team will provide you with a quotation.

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