Should You Hire Promotional Staff for CBD & Vape Scotland Expo?

Should You Hire Promotional Staff for CBD & Vape Scotland Expo_Should You Hire Promotional Staff for CBD & Vape Scotland Expo?

Vaping is big news in the UK and with the benefits of CBD oil also making the headlines on a regular basis, its no surprise to find the CBD & Vape Scotland Expo on the calendar for the SEC. Hiring promotional staff for this event makes sense but why? Is it right for your brand?

Why hire promotional staff?

In its first year, the CBD & Vape Scotland Expo is answering a clear call from both domestic and trade customers around the increasingly popular habit of vaping.

As an industry, vaping and the CBD market are fast-paced. Smart technology plays a role in the hardware used by vapers. With technological solutions constantly changing, so too do the other accoutrements that vapers use.

New flavours of vaping juice form a steady stream to the marketplace and again, with vaping being seen as a hobby, there is a core of fans and vaping followers who have formed around it.

In other words, the expectations of both customer and supplier at the first CBD & Vape Scotland Expo are high. They want to see something new. They want an experience. They want to leave the expo having enjoyed the products on show and the products on offer.

And that’s why hiring promotional staff for the CBD & Vape Scotland expo makes sound business sense;

  • Meet more people – it promises to be a busy event if the growing number of vapers in the UK is anything to go by. Some people turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking but there is a growing band of people who use vaping as a hobby and part of a social scene. As a vaping brand, you have stiff competition and so the more people and customers you meet, the better.
  • Create a memorable experience – on a busy trade show floor, being memorable is key to success. You want to be the brand that people and customers remember for all the right reasons. Promotional staff are marketing experts, people who understand that people buy from people. And so making a connection with customers is key. And in today’s world, that also means being memorable, something our promotional staff at this Scottish vaping expo will deliver.
  • Professional every minute of both days – this expo opens at 10am each day and closes at 6pm. Two long days with potentially hundreds if not thousands of people pouring through the doors. It’s hard to maintain the same level of energy and enthusiasm when you are hungry, tired or too cold or too hot, all common to the expo floor. Promotional staff come prepared and fully briefed as to their role for the time they are with your brand at this important trade show.

Seize every opportunity at the first CBD & Vape Scotland Expo – hire promotional staff

As well as local promotional staff, our experienced and talented pool of people have the knowledge of marketing on the expo floor that will catapult your brand in front of your competitors. Find out more – contact the Bookings Team today!


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