Scotland and the Events Industry

Scotland and the Events Industry

The whole world has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen events from Formula 1 to the Great British Beer Festival cancelled, with exhibitions across the nation being the first to cancel. In precautionary measures to increase the NHS capacity the Government have converted major exhibition centres, such as the Scottish Exhibition Centre into temporary hospital, which the NHS Louisa Jordan hospital (SEC) can now support an additional 300 beds for Scotland.

Does the events industry need to change?

Almost certainly, ways in which we interact with each other, not just in the event industry but in society, will be changed indefinitely. Not necessarily in a bad way though. We will have more awareness for people’s personal spaces, also learning to respect boundaries and in general being kinder to one another cannot be a negative thing.

We will all be more aware of our own surroundings and everybody’s health and personal wellbeing which can only act as an advantage to us all as we move forward.

How we envisage the industry to look post-lockdown…

With lockdown and social distancing guidelines in act, other industries and enterprises have had to adapt, much like the Events industry will have to. Many people have started to use social media platforms and video calling applications such as Skype and Zoom to interact, socialise, and share information.

An where this has been implemented is how Formula 1 teams partnered up with each other through Zoom to help produce valuable face masks for the NHS, this was achieved so promptly using these platforms, whereas ‘normal’ procedures would’ve taken many more weeks to complete and produce.

This can be transferred into the Events Industry, where interviews, training, and interactive demonstrations/presentations. Staff can be briefed prior to the event and pre-recorded material can be implemented more efficiently with social distancing in mind.

What else will change in Scotland?

As we see events returning to venues such as the Edinburgh International Conference Centre and Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre – we will no doubt see social distancing implemented where possible once lockdown has been eased.

There will be more distance between exhibition stalls, this is an even better chance for you to be noticed by hiring some of our fantastic and professional Scottish staff, who can draw footfall to your stand whilst following social distancing procedures.

As hygiene has been highlighted by the pandemic, there will be more sanitation stations where hand gels and facemasks will be provided, which our experienced staff can promote the new guidelines to visitors to ensure everyone is safe.

With social distancing also being recognised, our skilled marshals and ticket scanning staff can enforce any venue rules to ensure people are adhering to them, whilst competing their usual duties.

Call our friendly team on 0844 800 0071 to discuss your temporary staffing requirements.


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