Grow your business at Exhibitions

Grow your business at Exhibitions

Exhibiting at a trade show can be the most valuable business action you can take this year. You don’t have to be a large, massive business to benefit – SME’s can gain just as much visibility and sales as any other business. Exhibitions provide a level playing field – everyone has the same chance to attract potential customers.

Here’s our top reasons why you should be exhibiting at a trade show this year

Meet customers
Face to face meetings with customers is the best way to impress and gain their trust. You have the opportunity to make an impression, and become someone whom they will remember rather than just a voice heard on the telephone.

Brand Åwareness
With thousands of people attending a trade show, you have a massive opportunity to create awareness and brand visibility. People will see your company’s name and products. Have a well designed stand and good exhibition staff to make sure people stop and explore your business further. It’s a great way to position your company as a business leader.

Generate leads
Participating in an exhibition is the ideal way to generate long term business. Sales leads can be instantly obtained, contact details acquired for following up in due course. You can try out different sales and promotional techniques, carry out market research and capture as much data as possible.

Develop a business network
Exhibitions are not just about selling and meeting customers. It is also a way of meeting potential suppliers, finding new services and discover new contacts. Bear in mind that company directors and senior managers are frequent visitors to trade shows because they know the value of doing so – giving you the opportunity to meet business leaders in your field.

Check out your competitors
Discover what is happening in your industry. Take a look at your competitors stands. Talk to industry leaders and find out the trends that are going to make a difference in the immediate future. Exhibitions are the perfect information gathering tool which can determine your long term business strategy.

The key to success is doing it right from the beginning. A well designed stand is just one element – equally important is making sure that you have adequate staff on site to ensure it is never left untended and a potential sale or client missed. Prepare in advance by booking local specialist exhibition staff who are accustomed to maximising every available opportunity presented at an exhibition. Well chosen staff accustomed to specific tasks such as data capture, demonstrating, promotional work can have an immense impact on your exhibition success story.

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