Essential Questions when Hiring a Venue Space for Your Scotland-Based Event

Essential Questions when Hiring a Venue Space for Your Scotland-Based Event

Essential Questions when Hiring a Venue Space for Your Scotland-Based EventIf you are planning an event, hiring a venue will be top of your list. But you need to get the right space in the right location, important for attracting an audience to your Scotland-based event.

But what questions should you be asking aside from cost and availability?

What are the opening hours and requirements linked to noise levels and so on?

Depending on the event, you will need to check when you can access the venue and how much time you are allocated once your event has finished to pack up. You will also want to know what the local by-laws are relating to noise levels etc.

As a venue, managers will be keen to keep their neighbours onside, important for Scottish event venues close to residential areas. Stay within their guidelines and venue rules for a successful event.

What arrangements can they accommodate for delivery of event props and equipment?

It would be unusual for an event not to have props of equipment and so you’ll probably find that the best Scottish venues will have thought of this in the form of arrangements for accepting delivery of equipment before the event.

They will, however, in all likelihood give you a window for when deliveries will be accepted and pick up dates by when your equipment will need to have been picked up post-event.

You may find you will be charged extra for storage if you don’t arrange for items to be collected quickly after the end of your event.

What about insurance for equipment?

Included in some venue hire charges will be insurance but you will need to check what this does and doesn’t cover. For example, if you are leaving equipment or props overnight or unattended at the venue, does their insurance offer some kind of cover.

You will also need to check your own insurance and you need to be clear what is covered and where so you don’t risk losing your equipment.

What amenities are for there for event staff to use?

It’s easy to assume that because you are hiring a premier venue in Scotland that you’ll have everything you need in one place… but this isn’t always the case!

For example, check about things such as kitchen space or bathrooms because what you don’t want is to find that to use these space you have to hire them outside of your current agreement.

In fact, what is included in the cost of hiring the venue?

Be thorough and pragmatic when it comes to hiring a venue for your Scotland-based event. Opt for a venue that is in the right location but also offers everything you need. And that means asking what is included in the cost of hiring the venue.

Does it include refreshments for event staff, use of certain facilities and so on? Some event venues offer a ‘build your own package’ price whilst others offer a fixed price for a fixed service. Which works best for your event and budget?

Don’t forget to ask about…

Event security – is it provided or are you expected to provide security staff?
• Rubbish and recycling – not all event venues will remove rubbish and recycling after the event. Check the small print!


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