Hire Temporary Sales Staff to run your Promotions

Hire Temporary Sales Staff to run your Promotions

Why run a promotion? The answer is simple. It generates instant sales. That means empty shelves, which mean more demand for your products as you replenish them.

The value of a sales promotion team can be easily overlooked. They do more than just bringing a product in front of potential customers. In reality, they can often be the reason why people buy it.

Promotional staff are the public face of a product. They are there to talk to people, encourage them to try it because once a product has been tried, the more likely they are to hunt it out on the shelves and take it home.

When times are hard, and people have to watch their money, they are wary of buying something new because they don’t want to waste their cash. Being asked to taste something in store, or try out a new technique creates a greater feeling of confidence. Having experienced the product and liked it, consumers become more willing to recommend it to others within the family.

It’s not just product demonstrations or tasting sessions that generate this feel good effect. A similar feeling is encouraged when free samples are provided to take home. Trying a product free of charge takes away the pressure of instant decisions as well as the risk of finding it is not liked at home. Trying and liking eliminates the risk factor.

An added advantage is the fact that the promotional team can directly engage potential customers, talking about the product and its advantages. Think about ‘add on’ possibilities too – how about some recipe cards giving ideas on using the product within a wider meal? It makes it even more versatile, and can increase linked sales.

Also worth considering are the potential opportunities for upselling and cross selling. Running an instore promotion for say, a tablet will immediately attract attention because it is a desirable product. As soon as the consumer has decided to buy, the sales promotional team can point out that cases for the tablet are on sale nearby, as are spare charging wires. Or what about a cover to protect the face of the tablet? Within a short time, the customer has increased their purchases from one tablet to an extra two or three items, none of which were on their shopping lists when they entered the store.

News of a promotion can increase store traffic. Mentioning it in advertisements, on social media or in pre-publicity attracts attention. People may be thinking of buying a tablet, and news of a promotion of this kind can make a difference.


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